Our Approach

If you’ve been on the hunt for a cheerful, vivacious, dance party loving studio, full of instructors ready to leave you glistening, glowing, and helping you truly achieve change in your body - the hunt is over. Our infectious passion for the lengthening and strengthening power of classical Pilates is infused with contemporary moves, designed to help our amazing guests get the results they need and want, while having a blast, and feeling a bit bad ass doing it. Our classes are designed to develop muscle tone, burn fat, give you the core strength seen on those stunning bikini models, and the cardiovascular endurance of your dreams.  The best part about all of this? We are committed to building relationships and getting to know you, so that together we can build the strongest, healthiest, & happiest you!


Why Classes with Evolve?

Why Pilates with Evolve? In our classes, you don’t just get one workout and your done. You get a magical trifecta of toning, cardio, and stretching. These three core elements of each class are continuously tailored based on what you need, & what we know you can’t get enough of! And please, don’t worry, just because we are crazy about Pilates doesn’t mean we don’t love other workouts as well! That’s why you can always find a good amount of HIIT, yoga, circuits, & classical Pilates in our classes.

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Power Reformer

This is our house standard workout.  This class incorporates all the lengthening and strengthening that we all expect from pilates with the modern addition of HIIT intervals.  This class gives you a great one two punch ensuring you get everything you need in workout. If you are into body chiseling and pure reformer, you’ll love our Power class - designed to make those muscles shake with slow and strengthening movements on our reformers.

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Cardio Reformer

If you’re looking for a crazy burn, and the most intense sweat, pop into our jump board & HIIT class.  You still get our classic reformer moves but with the addition of HIIT intervals and the jump board this class will defintey get you that crazy cardio push.

When you make our classes apart of your daily routine, you’ll see amazing changes in a minimal amount of time. Warning: our classes are proven to be highly addicting. Are Ready to Evolve?