Are you ready to feel AMAZING?

Join us over 4 weeks to discover your most confident body yet! not your average "get shredded" challenge. This challenge is designed to make you FEEL GOOD and realize just how amazing your body can feel when it's both flexible and strong.

This challenge is for everyone and caters to all fitness levels (no pilates experience required). Our main goal of this challenge is to inspire you to move your body while enjoying fitness in a friendly inclusive environment. Movement is meant to be fun, not a punishment.

What you can expect? Pilates is the foundation of all movement. You can expect to increase strength, flexibility and coordination while shaping a long strong body. Also expect to become a reformer pilates addict. Yes you read that right it is super addictive.


Discover that moving your body should feel good and be enjoyable! You will enjoy working out in a fun, all inclusive environment all while creating a strong body, working on flexibility and building strength.

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Whats included

This is a total body FEEL GOOD Challenge. That means not only will we focus on new exercise habits but we want to focus on lifestyle changes that can help you feel your absolute best.

During this challenge we will focus on:

* Increasing exercise and your love for it
* Optimizing your nutrition by focusing on whole natural foods (this is not a diet)
* Decreasing Stress
* Improving Sleep
* Neat - Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

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The Details

Complete 18 classes in 30 days.

When: October 5th - November 3rd

Cost: Current members not already on unlimited can upgrade their packages.

New Members: $200 for a month of unlimited training, unlimited motivation and support with our private facebook page, and our "Feel Good Challenge e-book" to help guide you to feeling your absolute best over the next 4 weeks.

The Prize:

For all who complete at least 18 classes in 30 days you will be put into a drawing for an absolutely amazing day of Feel Good worth of $500 in value. More on this to come.


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