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Our Approach

Our classes combine the lengthening and strengthening power of classical Pilates with innovative, contemporary moves designed to help clients see results. Each session is designed to develop muscle, strengthen the core, burn fat, and increase cardiovascular endurance while offering a full body, low impact workout suitable for all levels!

Meet the Trainers

You better believe you won’t walk waddle out of our studio without being drenched in sweat. Our classes are kept small, so our instructors can give you personal guidance, and ensure proper form.  Our instructors are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality training.  With a minimum of 600 hours under their belts we are ensuring only the best for our guests.

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Morgan R.

Lead Instructor

Pilates Certification - Pilates Education Institute 600+ hours

I moved to Arizona from Wisconsin while I was in college.  Pilates started out as a way to help align my body, correct postural imbalances and build core strength due to some injuries.  I soon found that it was deeper than just the physical therapy approach I was introduced to and I ventured out of classical Pilates and found a more modern approach.  As a cardio, weight lifting, and HIIT junkie I fell in LOVE with incorporating the things my body needs from the classical components of Pilates and the things my body wants from the more modern day style.  I was trained in both Pilates Methods and incorporate a little bit of both in each class of mine as I believe they are both so important.  The reason I love Pilates and love teaching the movement is because you will never grow out of it.  Eventually running wears out your joints, eventually lifting heavy will do numbers on your body. Pilates will always be there.  You will never grow out of it and it will always offer you movements that can give you the results you want and your body needs.


Mackenzie S.

Pilates Instructor

Pilates Certification - Polestar Pilates 600+ hours

I am an Arizona local, born and raised! My background is in Education and Human Nutrition during the summer break from the school district I stumbled into a Pilates studio where I soon fell in love with the Pilates workout and philosophy. I became an avid power lifter and long distance runner during my journey to lose 100+ pounds and during that period I have seen and felt the toll those hard workouts took on my body. Pilates has now become my main form of exercise and has really complemented and rounded out my workout routine. Watching the changes and improvements in my own body is what lead me to want to combine my education background with teaching Pilates! My Pilates training is through Polestar Pilates with a heavy emphasis on rehab and trying to teach people how to move and align their body properly to use it as efficiently as possible! I like to combine that knowledge with my CPT knowledge and overly energetic personality to create a fun, fast paced, yet form focused class to optimize every last minute I get to spend with you!

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